How to Create a Custom Logo Without Jailbreaking Using Windows

Earlier this week, CarrierEditor – a Mac app — was released,  allowing users to change their device’s carrier logos without jailbreaking.  Of course, this meant that your device must have cellular capabilities in order to proceed and that Windows users were out of luck.

However, developer Dany Lisiansky has released CustomCarrierEditor, which supports Windows and provides the same set of features as the Mac version.  Alongside this, the application also has another unique feature which lets you change the carrier’s text instead of using a logo.

To get started, you can follow this simple tutorial or simply request a logo from the iFans forum members.  The full instructions follows after the break.

Note: You must own a cellular capable device and it must be carrier locked to that network in order for this to work.  An unlocked iPhone or iPad does not currently work.


  • CustomCarrierEditor
  • Cellular Enabled Device (iPad WiFi + 3G or iPhone)
  • Windows Operating System (Mac tutorial available here)


Step-by-Step Instructions:


Step 1: First, download CustomCarierEditor and extract it to your desktop or to any location.  Once finished, launch the CustomCarrierEditor.exe file.  You should be greeted with a welcome screen.


Step 2: Under the “Bundle Configuration” panel, type in your carrier’s version number.  You can find this on your iOS device by going to Settings > General > About > Carrier.  Your carrier version number will be next to your carrier’s name.


Step 3: Next, you can either choose “Logo From File” or “Logo From Text.”  The first option lets you choose a logo from your computer and will perform the same as CarrierEditor for the Mac.  If you so wish to create one for yourself, the dimensions for a non-retina and retina device are 20 x 20 and 40 x 40 respectively.  Luckily, the program also comes with Zeppelin logos for you to choose from. The second option will let you change the carrier’s text instead of using a pre-made logo.  Once you have that sorted out, move on to the next step.


Step 4: Once you have finished choosing your logo style, simply click on “Create IPCC Carrier Bundle” found at the bottom of the application.  Wait for a pop-up dialogue box saying “Carrier Bundle created successfully” and the newly created .ipcc files will automatically placed on your desktop.


Step 5: Open iTunes and connect your iOS device to your computer.  Navigate to your device’s information panel on iTunes and while holding down the “Shift” key on your keyboard, click on “Restore iPhone” or “Restore iPad.”


Step 6: Now, browse for both files that have been placed on your desktop by CustomCarrierEditor.  To easily find this, change the drop-down menu on the lower right-hand corner to “iPhone/iPad Carrier Configuration Files (*.ipcc).  Then, open the file with your carrier version number on it, not the one with the “Original” name.


Step 7: If you followed everything correctly, your logo style should be automatically installed on your device without a jailbreak.  If not, then a respring should clear up any issues.  Enjoy!


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