Cross Platform Games Roundup: iPhone vs. Android

Here’s a collection of games that are cross platform, will allow you to play mano-a-mano against Android users. Somewhat surprisingly, all these games are best in their class, and made by some of the top mobile developers around.

Skies of Glory

Skies of Glory is a World War II dogfighting game that allows you to shoot down the communist Android users from the comfort of your iPhone. The gameplay is quite good and the graphics are very impressive. There is a huge selection of planes and a variety of game types to choose from. The single player offers many missions if playing online isn’t your thing. It is free on the iPhone, and $4.99 on the Android Market. (This is probably because the App Store version uses downloadable content to make money.)

Skies of Glory features a robust list of multiplayer options for WiFi and Bluetooth play. Host 8 player simultaneous combat over a single WiFi network. Synch up over Bluetooth for one-on-one action. Use any 3G or WiFi signal to connect up to 8 players from around the world.

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Raging Thunder 2

Raging Thunder is an extremely popular racing game created by PolarBit. It is $4.99, but offers enough gameplay to make it well worth it. There are a ton of beautiful maps to race on, and the cars can be upgraded with an assortment of parts.

Key features:
Stunning, console quality 3D graphics
Internet and local cross-platform multiplayer racing
Fast paced, intense gameplay
Accessible and intuitive controls
5 different single player game modes

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Homerun Battle 3D

Homerun Battle is one of the most popular iPhone games in existence, and it just so happens that it is cross platform. The premise is simple: Hit homeruns. It may sound mundane, but it is actually quite addictive. The replay value is enormous, and the game is definitely worth the $4.99 price tag.

Key Features:
Cross Platform
Online match-up mode (4 modes in total)
Over 220 customizable equipments with special gears from Wilson Demarini

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