#WeWantAnOpeniOS Trends Worldwide Thanks to Hacker Pod2g

Earlier this morning, the famed iOS hacker pod2g started a trend on twitter calling on Apple to open iOS and allow third-party applications and modifications without restriction. The attempt is a bold one, and undermines much of what Apple has stood behind since they entered the mobile platform arena. That said, however, not even Android is a fully open platform and such an initiative would make a big splash in mobile computing.

The original tweet:

Twitter hashtag trends are probably even less effective than standard online petitions, but this undoubtedly shows that there is a demand for Apple to do something big and bold with iOS 7. What do you think about Apple possibly opening up iOS completely? Do you think that it would be a stride forward for the platform? Or do you believe that such a change would lead to a loss of polish and quality like what was originally seen in the early days of Android?

Effectively, this “twitition” will most likely have little or no impact on what we see in iOS 7. Apple already knows what will be coming in the next iteration of iOS, and those ideas are undoubtedly currently in development. However, movements like this will surely impact not only the future of iOS, but the future of mobile computing in general, possibly leading to more open operating systems that give customers full control over what their devices do.

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