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For the past 80 years, Ferrari has made a legendary name for itself. Known by the public for creating the fastest, fearless exotics out there with sleek bodies, strong performance; known by the racing community for the numerous record-breaking racers they’ve developed. Ferrari, a place where style and performance meet like an art form, now tries to take a stab, with the help of Logic3, at the headphone business offering a line of headphones that compliment the style and attention put into their cars.  


  • Driver: 40 mm Dynamic
  • Frequency Response: 20 Hz – 20 kHz
  • Impedance: 32 ohms
  • Sensitivity: 110 dB

In the Box

  • Ferrari by Logic3 T350 Noise Canceling Headphones
  • 3.5 mm to 3.5 mm cables (triple button mic, single button mic, audio only)
  • Carrying Case
  • AAA Batteries (one pair)
  • Airplane Adapter


Crafted upon a beautiful, sleek design, the Ferrari T350 look absolutely gorgeous. Available in black as well as a tan color, the T350 really show off the Ferrari logo quite proudly. It is a headphone that will turn eyes. The pristine leather pads and headband look very high quality while the rippled housing design boasts off the bold silver horse in the center. Metallic silver covers the headphones as well as the arms of the headphones. If Ferrari were to design a headphone, this is what it would look like, because… Well, these are Ferrari headphones.


Design: ★★★★


These headphones will only run when turned on with batteries in place. That said, the noise canceling (NC) mode does make use of an internal amplifier. The sound is quite balanced though, although not perfect. It’s a very friendly sound that isn’t the strongest with the deep bass, but packs a punch. The mids tilt towards the upper-end while the treble does the same.


The first thing I notice about the bass is that it rolls off quite earlier than expected. This isn’t a big bass phone, rather it focuses on the mid-bass. The result is a strong punch for the bass, it really isn’t boomy unless needed. That said, the impact comes and goes teetering on the level of enough and not enough. Going down lower into the sub-bass frequencies, I found the presence just dwindled. These headphones are able to reproduce such beautiful textures when uninterrupted, but once it gets complicated, the sub-bass tends to be the first to go.

Bass: ★★★★


The midrange has a slight tilt towards the upper mids. The result is a strong clarity in this range. This also leads to a nicer tone of sweetness to vocals that shows itself well, but doesn’t offend. Depth of vocals, the lushness, is well rendered. Vocal dynamics can use a little tweaking in both the upper and lower, but is ample overall. Going towards the lower mids, you’ll find that they do a decent job detailing, but this is the area where it can use some sprucing up; it can definitely do better.

Mids: ★★★★½


The high end, like the midrange, focuses on the upper end of the spectrum. That said, the lower-treble seems to have a lack of presence and detail. The result is that snaps simply don’t snap. Rather, they end up dud-like at times. If we move into the upper treble, extension is very strong as is separation. The upper-ranges of the treble were tuned beautifully by Logic3 giving the headphones a great sense of energy and splash.

Highs: ★★★★½

Audio: 4.5


Logic3 did a fine job ensuring the Ferrari headphones were built tough, and made to last. They include a nice hard case with their T350s that have a beautiful carbon-fiber design behind them. In the center of the case, the Ferrari emblem stands boldly to tell you what is inside. The hard case is compact and tries to be as travel friendly as possible, but remains the size of a purse.


The housings are composed of a ticker, stronger plastic as well as some leather. They are very firm to the touch and have a bit of heft to them making them seem like they are very well built. The metallic parts used only add to the strength of the housings. Thick metal arms stick out of each housing to allow size adjustments as well as connect to the headband.


A thick, large headband connects the arms of the headphones to the housings. Stitched leather gracefully covers the thick, padded headband and shows a beautiful build. The headband is flexible, but with a bit of stiffness to counteract it. It seems strong and robust.


The braided cable is nice and thick, almost never tangling. It feels very strong, so nothing to worry about there. The headphone jack would be my only gripe with the build. The jack is straight rather than angled. However, it does have a strain relief on both ends and good flexibility. The gold plating is also a nice touch.


Build: ★★★★½


Thick, soft pads are not included to make the product look nice; they are also used to make them comfortable to wear. The padding on these Ferrari headphones helps out plenty in terms of comfort. As I stated in the build, these headphones do have quite a bit of heft to them. It’s really the weight of the headphones that impacts the comfort. Not the pads and headband where are very comfortable.


Comfort: ★★★★½


These headphones are priced just around 400 dollars. This is a large premium price for a pair of headphones. The fact that these headphones can only be used with batteries and NC is also a big turn-off. Although these aren’t the best sounding headphones for 400 dollars, they do sound good, just not 400 dollars good. If you can get around those main flaws, the design and build of these headphones is absolutely amazing. Logic3 also includes 3 cables for whatever device you are using.


Value: ★★★½

Final Thoughts

These headphones are really a must have for any Ferrari enthusiast having the official branding on them. Ferrari tried to do what they do with cars with headphones with the help of Logic3. It didn’t backfire on them completely either. These headphones are gorgeous with good sound to back them.

I’d like to thank Ferrari by Logic3 for the product sample.

Overall Score


Ferrari by Logic3 T350

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