Apple Announcing Q1 2013 Financial Results January 23


Mark your calendars, investors and financial enthusiasts: Apple today announced that they will be providing the world with their 1Q 2013 financial results on January 23, 2013.

The 1Q 2013 is obviously the holiday quarter, which Apple has historically done incredibly well in. This seems likely to repeat, regardless of the fact of their stock being down since September, with as strong a product line up Apple had, with the recently refreshed iPhone and iPad lines.

Such a strong showing could potentially turn Apple’s recent stock price decline in to an insane gain, though that doesn’t seem likely to happen: Wall Street typically sets their expectations much higher than Apple’s own suggested expectations. As such, Apple usually misses Wall Street’s numbers while still blowing their own numbers (and previous quarters) out of the water.

You can expect coverage from iFans on that day, though be advised that it is just numbers being released, and no new products. Apple’s executives have used it to share their opinion or thoughts on a market or product in the past before, so such a message seems likely this time around as well.


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