‘Do Not Disturb’ Bug Prevents It From Shutting Off Automatically

Do Not Disturb Bug

It seems as if Apple has encountered another date-related bug. As per MacRumors, iOS 6′s new ‘Do Not Disturb’ feature is failing to automatically turn off today.

‘Do Not Disturb’ keeps notifications, including text messages and phone calls, from making a sound to alert users. Intended for overnight use to keep an iPhone from waking a user, ‘Do Not Disturb’ has the option to automatically schedule a window where it is enabled. This morning, January 1st, 2013, the feature is failing to turn off. I personally encountered this bug, though thankfully the solution is obvious and straightforward: simply go in to Settings, and slide the ‘Do Not Disturb’ slider off.

This bug has been experienced by many, but not everyone. It’s easy to tell of ‘Do Not Disturb’ is still enabled: just look at the status bar. If there is a crescent moon by the time, it’s enabled and should be shut off. If there isn’t, ‘Do Not Disturb’ successfully shut off.

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