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Due to the success of the first iteration of Ravensword, the developers decided to release a new game to the lineup. Ravensword: Shadowlands is the second iteration in the newly blooming Ravensword franchise. It isn’t perfect, but does a decent job entertaining you while you wait for something else to come along.  


The game starts out with a great battle, a large battle where you play as a warrior fighting for your land. While in the fight, a black fog overtakes the battlegrounds and wipes out the entire population. You, however, become the only survivor of that battle. You go through a journey to find out what happened, and why you are the only survivor.

Along the way, you’ll journey through tough lands, finding new friends and foe. Eventually, you’ll make your way to the end, fighting the thing that attacked you before, in that great battle. Caves, the unknown, puzzles, and mystery await as you go through some treacherous times.


Caves are just one area to be discovered in your long journey.

Your adventure consists of a number of quests that you will go through. The main quests follow your need to know what happened, and why you survived. Along the way, you’ll meet new people, find other side-quests that should too be completed and pay off an ample amount of cash. Not everything is a walk in the park though. You’ll also run into many monsters to fight off and defeat on the way.


Wild animals can be good eats, but you must fight them first.

Weapons, shields, and other items can be purchased through various people in the game. For a little bit of gold, you can purchase some strong items to strengthen your character and slash through hordes of enemies quicker. When your enemy falls, you can also collect items from them at no cost. Gold, weapons, shield, and food can be picked up.


Dead animals are a good resource for food. Dead enemies can also drop weapons and armor.

Although weapons will strengthen your character a lot, there are skills and stats that will also help you in the battlefield. Stats improve the core of your player while skills are special bonuses that apply to specific situations. You get points to advance both with each level you gain in this RPG.


Get your stats up to help your player, skills improve and make things easier as well.

Outside all of this, there are also miscellaneous things in the game that prove to be helpful. One such thing is the skill of stealth. For a limited amount of time, you camouflage yourself to not be detected by enemies. You can’t move too quickly in this mode though, so use it wisely.


Stealth mode can help you kill that deer that runs from you, or sneak up on a pesky goblin.

The controls try to do their best to be natural, but never really quite reach it. Swiping around the screen allows you to look around while onscreen buttons and joysticks allow you to move and maneuver your character to take short hops and attack. Double tapping the right side of the screen also allows you to run. These controls work decently for the most part, but become a nuisance as I find myself activating functions I didn’t want to.


If there is one area that needs improvement, it’s the controls.

Gameplay: ★★★★½


Ravensword can be played in either first or third person view depending upon preference. It can be quickly swapped in game. While the first person perspective allows for blood splatter to the screen, the third won’t. Otherwise, they are exactly how you’d expect them.


Third person view allows you to see a slightly larger view, first person view pits you in the battle directly.

Graphics, in general, in Ravensword are very well detailed though. The lighting effects are somewhat mystical in a sense and create awe. Items in the distance become less and less clear while the textures used are well detailed. There are some graphical glitches in the game that remove tree trunks or let you fall through the ground, but for the most part, the graphical sense of the game is great.


Imagery in Ravensword can be quite gorgeous, careful though, if I took one more step, I’d fall through the ground.

Graphics: ★★★★½


Ravensword offers an ample amount of audio to users. The game is voiced over, which is always a nice touch; even if the voice overs aren’t believable 100% of the time. Sound effects come a dime a dozen with multitudes to hear. Slashes, grunts, snort, and blocks can all be heard while you are in combat with distinct sounds to get to know. Ravensword does a great job regarding the abundance in audio.

Audio: ★★★★


The gameplay does seem pretty long and there will be enough quests to keep you busy in the main game. If you finish, however, there isn’t much more for you to do. There is nothing else to find, nothing else really to do. Except, the game does offer side-quests that will give you a little more replay and add a bit of depth to the game. With a mission-oriented game though, there has to be some additional content that just says the word explore. After all, this is an RPG. Then we have bugs…


Quests are the only source of replay for the game.

Replay: ★★★★


Ravensword comes in at a premium price of 7 bucks, like any other Gameloft or EA game. You do get a bit of gameplay with the 7 you spend that should keep you busy. The graphics are still beautiful and well done too. Audio performance ties the gameplay together nicely. However, the bugs in the game will creep into the gameplay and really frustrate players while the lack of replay after the story may be a turn off.


In the distance, I see roofs, but no house; I see leaves and branches, but no trunk. This isn’t the worst of the bugs, but its there.

Value: ★★★★

Final Thoughts

Ravensword is a great game overall, but it’s plagued by bugs. The gameplay can be very engaging and fun, but the control schemes seem very lacking in many aspects. The graphics are beautifully rendered, until you run into an anomaly, like falling through the ground. The story keeps you wondering and playing, but the game as a whole lacks the full depth it needs.

Overall Score


Ravensword: Shadowlands

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