Apple to Sell One Million Devices This Weekend?

Potentially good news for customers who still haven’t received their pre-ordered devices: The Boy Genius Report claims to have an inside scoop on Apple’s weekend plans. If they are correct, then Apple is trying to clear out the waiting lists for the iPad and iPhone 4 by shipping out massive amounts of units to its stores.

We have been told that stores have lists that could be anywhere from 500 to 1500 or more customers waiting for iPhones, and anywhere from 250 to 750 customers waiting for iPads. Apparently all Apple stores have asked employees for an “all hands on deck” approach this weekend, somewhat similar to that of Apple product launch days. We have even been informed that Apple stores might open early on Sunday to accommodate extra traffic.

There weren’t any mentions of the white iPhone 4 in the report, but considering that it is almost the “End of July“, it’s possible that these one-million units will include this elusive device.

[Boy Genius Report]

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