Quick Tip: iOS Has a Built-In Extension Dialer


Do you commonly find yourself calling your workplace or school? If so, you’ve probably seen the frustration of having to use extensions to reach your call’s destination. Having to enter a certain extension every time you call can be a nuisance.

Well, apparently Apple thought of that when building Phone.app. This little known tip shows you how to insert commonly dialed extensions directly into contact information, allowing you to press just one button when prompted.

  1. Open up the contact for which you want to add an extension.
  2. Press “edit” on the top right of the screen.
  3. Tap the contact’s phone number (the one which needs an extension)
  4. Add a semicolon “;” to the number, followed by the extension.

After you have your extension added, the iPhone will show a new button next to the “end” that will allow you to easily dial said extension when necessary.

[Apple Spotlight]

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