17.4 Million Android and iOS Devices Activated on Christmas


According to data from Flurry, about 17.4 million new Android and iOS devices were activated on Christmas day 2012, a 332% increase over the daily average — 4 million.

For obvious reasons, Christmas has always been the biggest day for device activations, and it appears that this year was no exception. Moreover, what’s astounding about this year’s data is that the previous one-day record for activations — 6.8 million — occurred on Christmas 2011 and was completely obliterated.

Also worth noting this season was the correlating increase in app downloads. Christmas day 2012 saw 328 million new app downloads across both Android and iOS — a 112% increase over the December average of 155 million per day.


When will the mobile device bubble pop? Surely we will see mobile device adaptation level out or slow in the future, but it doesn’t seem to be coming any time soon. Whatever the case, it appears that 2013 is going to be another strong year for Android and iOS — I’m excited to see what is to come.

[Flurry via CultofMac]

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