Mozilla’s ‘Junior’ Web Browser for iPad Expected in First Half of 2013

Mozilla Junior iPadMozilla, best known as the makers of Firefox, showed off an iPad version of the web browser — called Junior — last June.

In the six months that have followed, however, Mozilla has neglected to provide an expected release date or much other information about the app.

But according to Polish blog Komputer Świat, which cites an anonymous Mozilla developer, Junior could make its App Store debut in the first half of next year. 

The web browser is reportedly still in the design stage, so a release is targeted for the second quarter of 2013, and is unlikely to launch any sooner. The browser is said to have a user interface that is similar to Firefox for Android, and will be integrated with the Firefox Sync feature that allows for you to synchronize bookmarks, tabs and other personal information on all of the devices that you have the web browser installed.

There are already a number of alternative web browsers available for iPad, including Chrome, Dolphin, Opera and Skyfire, each offering a unique set of features. Do you use a third-party web browser on your iOS device, or do you prefer the default Mobile Safari browser?

[Komputerswiat via Neowin]

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