How Often Do Apps Crash On You?


That moment of unresponsiveness. That split second of knowing that an app just crashed. And, as if in a last-ditch effort to make it seem as if nothing happened, the familiar swooping animation of icons flying to their proper places on your homescreen. Regardless, you know that an app just crashed. Whether bad code or a lack of memory, something went wrong, and no amount of polish could hide it.

Earlier in the year, there were reports that iOS apps actually crashed more than apps on Android. Is this still the case?

At the time, the report seemed to fly in the face of conventional wisdom; after all, iOS apps were targeted specifically to the hardware they ran on. How could they be more prone to crashing? Whether that analysis was correct or not will likely never be known, but times change. Since that report was published, iOS has gone through various changes. The most notable of which is iOS 6, which brought about various under-the-hood changes to how iOS worked. Many of those likely did make an impact on overall system and app stability. So, dear reader, tell us: is your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad more or less stable now than in the past? How often – if ever – do apps crash on you? Which apps seem to be the biggest culprit?

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