BlueStacks Android App Player for Mac Enters Beta

BlueStacks has been around since before CES 2012, but development sure hasn’t slowed down. The above video, released in July of this year, announced the Android player’s arrival on Mac. The then-released alpha version only supported a total of 12 Android apps. Today, BlueStacks has announced the arrival of the app’s Beta version for Mac, enabling it to run over 750,000 Android apps.

This seemingly little-known app has actually created a storm, touting figures of over 5.3 million organic installs across both Windows and Mac, and deals to have the software pre-installed on at least 22 million machines. Also, while BlueStacks is has been hesitant to announce ”active” users, they have told TechCrunch that those numbers are “very healthy.”

BlueStacks is hoping that the Mac launch will help make going “Android-first” during development a more obvious choice. When creating an app, developers have to decide whether they want their app to be released on iOS or Android as its primary platform. The App store being somewhat more profitable makes it commonly the obvious choice, hence the higher quality apps and market that is seen in iOS. With the beta release of BlueStacks for Mac, the company hopes to turn that around, giving developers the opportunity to run their apps natively on OS X after being made for Android.


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