Amazon Lists, Pulls “Basics” Lightning Cables


Update: It appears that the Amazon Basics Lightning Cable is once again available. Thanks, HeadReaper.

Amazon sells a wide variety of “Amazon Basics” generic products, most mimicking more expensive alternatives. Among the offered products are batteries, cases, computer and mobile accessories, and cables —  Apple product knock-offs included. Most products are, of course, manufactured in Asia, making Amazon Basics basically the online dollar store of electronics.

Earlier this week, Amazon began offering Amazon Basics-branded lightning cables for use with Apple’s new iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. The accessory was originally available for $14.99, but mysteriously disappeared this morning. While Amazon has completely removed them for unknown reasons, advertisements linking to them are still up.

Oddly, though, the cables are still available on the international store. What could have caused the cables’ disappearance? Did Apple require Amazon to remove the cables for some reason? Whatever the case, it’s interesting that whatever caused them to be pulled is U.S.-specific.



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