‘Nova’ Updated for iPhone 4, iOS4

N.O.V.A. (Near Orbital Alliance Vanguard) is the game that set the standard for shooters on iOS. Also considered to be a ‘Halo clone,’ the game continues to be popular, featuring a campaign and online play.

Today, N.O.V.A. received an update to support many goodies, including iOS4 multitasking. It allows you to auto-magically switch between multiple apps with the simple double-tap of the only button to grace the front of your device.

The next big ticket item in the update is iPhone 4 Retina Display graphics. In other words, this should look stunning on the iPhone’s 960×640 screen, all powered by Apple’s own silicon, the A4.

And last, but nowhere near least, is the gyroscope controls. That’s right, this update allows N.O.V.A. to utilize the iPhone 4′s gyroscope. The new gyroscope control mode is optional, although I assume it’s extremely cool.

Anyone want to share their experience with these new features (like the gyroscope feature)? Shout it out loud (in the comments).

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