Can We Call the Microsoft Surface a Dud Yet?

microsoft-surface-small-2Is the Surface tablet positioning itself alongside the Kin smartphone as yet another Microsoft dud?

It sure seems like it.

While no official sales numbers for the Surface have been released by Microsoft for the holiday shopping season, all signs point towards low sales — and interest, altogether — in the tablet, since its release in late October.

Most early reviews of the Surface suggest that, while the tablet is a good concept, it has been implemented in poor fashion. Even worse, the app ecosystem for the Surface is a far cry from what Apple and Google offer on the App Store and Google Play platforms respectively. Plus, the price tag. Just to get a Microsoft Surface with Windows RT, you need to fork over at least $499.

And if you want a Touch Cover keyboard, tack on an additional 100 dollars. It’s obvious that consumers interested in a tablet are looking at what they are getting with the Surface for its hefty price, and opting to go with an Android tablet, iPad or iPad mini instead. Devices like the Nexus 7, Galaxy Tab 2 and iPad can do almost anything the Surface can do — if not more — for an equal or lesser price.

Microsoft entered the tablet industry late with the Surface, so it can’t expect to knock the iPad or Nexus 7 off their pegs anytime soon, but I imagine the tablet has failed to meet internal sales projections that the Redmond-based corporation had set. Microsoft needs to return to the drawing board with the Surface and come back with a much improved second-generation model. Otherwise, the ill-fated Kin will have new company.

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