Did You Get a New iPhone, iPad or iPod touch for Christmas?

iPad iPhone iPod touchEach Christmas, thousands upon thousands of people open up new iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices gifted to them by family and friends. It’s always exciting to get a new iOS device under the tree, especially if it is your first Apple product. Diving into the iOS ecosystem can be a fun and indulging experience, especially if you received an iTunes gift card for the App Store to go hand in hand with your new device.

Did you get a new iPhone, iPad or iPod touch this holiday season? If so, which device, color and storage capacity did you get? Even if you unwrapped a new Android smartphone or tablet instead, let’s hear about it. And don’t forget to check out our App Store holiday sale roundup, Google Play holiday sale roundup and Appvent Calendar grand finale to get free or discounted apps and games heading into the new year. Happy holidays, everyone.

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