NIBIQÜ: A Type Cover-like Keyboard for the iPad

Kickstarter has had its fair share of interesting projects over the past year or two, though this may take the cake. The latest project worth noting is Nibiqü, a Type Cover-like case for the iPad.

The Nibiqü supposedly offers a level of protection similar to that of Apple’s own Smart Cover, with one major twist: when flipped and propped open, a keyboard is available. While previous cases have offered a built-in keyboard for iPad users, they are typically much thicker and less portable. The original Touch and Type Covers, designed and produced by Microsoft for their first-party Windows 8/RT tablets, packed in the features of a keyboard with the subtlety of Apple’s Smart Cover.

Most reviews lauded Microsoft’s covers for being a truly innovative accessory, and many hoped that Apple would have something similar to offer to users. Text input is, after all, one of the more tedious tasks on an iPad, with many users opting for a heavier, less portable case that combined a keyboard in order to regain the advantages of a keyboard. That request made sense, but it never materialized. Now, however, a newcomer is offering a similar feature set.

Currently in the funding stage on Kickstarter, the Nibiqü offers both an eye-catching design and the advantages of a keyboard. Currently, it is at less than $20,000 of the $100,000 goal. Purchasing an $89 support package will net you a special edition “Kickstarter green” Nibiqü case, with various other packages going up in price.

If you just received an iPad for the holidays, the Nibiqü is certainly an interesting accessory to look in to.


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