Ryan Petrich Reveals Hidden Topography Setting In Google Maps

Cydia IconAs we all know, the native Google Maps application was recently released following its departure in the iOS 6 update. Today, iDownloadBlog is reporting that the app includes a hidden feature — topography.

Early feedback shows the app may be superior to the Android version, even though both versions of the app offer the same basic set of features.  While the Android version offers more features such as Wikipedia  integration and other Google services, the iOS version offers a more clean and intuitive experience.

Both may be useful apps, but the more recent iOS version seems to have one feature that has yet to be publicly announced.


Ryan Petrich, a well-known developer who released many tweaks such as Activator, has discovered a hidden topography feature in Google’s Maps application.  Topography is a mode that allows users to discover the physical textures of an area they are currently viewing, such as allowing the view of defined ridges using usually contour lines.

To unlock this feature, you must have a jailbroken device on iOS 5 or iOS 6, and install Ryan Petrich’s recently released tweak, Topography for Google Maps. The tweak may not be found on any public repository, but can be found on Petrich’s beta repo which is: http://rpetri.ch/repo/. It should support any device that supports the maps application.

While Topography may not be worth the trouble for everyone, it is unknown whether Google plans to update it’s map application including this feature seeing it as it is already built-in within the app itself.


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