Auxo: A Jailbreak Tweak that Revitalizes the App Switcher


Multitasking was introduced to the iPhone in iOS 4. Since then, Apple has made more APIs available to developers that make applications more functional. However, the actual UI has literally not been touched since then. Frankly, it shows – while Android and even Windows 8 enjoy streamlined ways to switch in and out of applications, iOS’ multitasking has become cumbersome to use in comparison. Auxo, a clever jailbreak tweak, hopes to change that.

The jailbreak tweak originated out of The Verge‘s forums in concept form. The concept, designed by Sentry_NC, was met with almost universal enthusiasm from iOS users. Bent on bringing his idea to fruition, Sentry contacted developers Jack Willis and JamieD360. The team went to work, and we now have the first glance at what their efforts have created.

The tweak’s most obvious change is that it shows a preview of the app, alongside an icon, in the switcher. Compared to stock iOS’ default behavior of only showing an icon, Auxo’s implementation seems both more informative and useful.


The music controls have also seen a major upgrade in functionality – album art is shown, instead of just the song name, and the ability to change the volume from the same slide is activated by swiping. Again, Auxo’s implementation seems to be superior without adding an undue amount of complexity.

Finally, Auxo adds various toggle controls that are accessible to users by swiping to the right. Similar to other jailbreak tweaks such as the classic SBSettings, Auxo’s implementation allows for quick and easy access to settings such as WiFi, 3G, and the orientation lock. Unlike other implementations, Auxo is visually pleasing. More options are available by swiping down – again, the expanded functionality doesn’t lead to any obvious issues in user experience.

Auxo seems remarkably Apple-esque; it’s simple, much more useful, and visually pleasing. It fits in to Apple’s existing interface paradigms, and expands upon the stock functionality that has been in iOS since the release of iOS 4.


Even more importantly, this may give people a compelling reason to jailbreak again. Tweaks such as these only serve as a reminder to everyone that Apple still has a way to go with iOS, and that what we have now is far from perfect. With any luck, many of the changes that Auxo brings will be found in iOS 7 – after all, we are long overdue for a great update to iOS’ dilapidated multitasking structure.

Auxo will soon be available on Cydia. Jeff Benjamin of iDownloadBlog believes that the price will be “extremely reasonable” from what he has heard from the developers. You’ll find his video of the final build running on his device below – understandably, he is quite excited about the prospects of the tweak.


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