Facebook Introduces Snapchat Competitor


Facebook today announced and released their first-party Snapchat competitor. Snapchat, a social text messaging app based around the ability to send self-expiring photos, recently saw a burst in popularity among smartphones users.

While Snapchat has critiqued as being used for rather explicit purposes, the app itself tries to turn text messaging in to a sort of game, with users taking the self-expiring photo feature and using it in various ways. Facebook, with its plethora of information about so many people, obviously wants in on the fun. The application is almost a feature-for-feature rip-off of Snapchat, though it does have one big advantage: integration with the existing Facebook ecosystem. That means easier access to any friend that uses Facebook, and, given the social network’s prevalence, that means a quicker way to interact with others.

Poke looks fine, though it looks to be a re-skinned version of Facebook’s messaging app. The news release only names the iPhone, though it would be surprising if an Android didn’t appear sooner or later.


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