BlackBerry Z10 Pictured in Black and White


While RIM today announced financials that beat what Wall Street was estimating, the company is still on shaky grounds. While the Canadian smartphone maker’s prospects are certainly looking better now than they were even a few months ago, it will take nothing short of an incredibly strong product to bring them back to even a shadow of the company they first were.


RIM has announced a January 30th, 2013 event where they will reveal the full gamut of information on BlackBerry 10, their new mobile OS, and on any new smartphones ready to be shipped.

One of those devices looks to be the BlackBerry Z10. That device was outed by unwiredview‘s sources in the form of a marketing and press photograph. The device appears to come in both black and white, and looks to be RIM’s attempt at a full-touch slate device. The design looks clean and unassuming; nothing truly distinguishes it, but it looks as if it would fit nicely in the hand and be comfortable to hold. Personally, the design reminds me of the DROID X from the front, which has always been a device I considered to be quite handsome in a very non-Apple way.

Again, RIM’s future is still very uncertain. While they did beat Wall Street’s expectations, it was only because they lost less than was predicted. Shipments of BlackBerry devices still pale in comparison to both iOS and Android devices. While BlackBerry 10 does seem interesting, it doesn’t look as if it is quite ready to take on iOS 6 and Android 4.2. Still, with the right combination of hardware, pricing, and enough features and apps, RIM could make a comeback.


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