What Product Do You Want Apple to Launch Next?

There was an increased amount of speculation this past year about Apple preparing to release its own flatscreen television set. These rumors have been colloquially referring to the panel as the Apple TV, which is the name for Apple’s current set-top TV media box.

But, consumer excitement surrounding the Apple TV doesn’t seem to be all that exciting. That might change if Apple releases a new TV set that is “revolutionary” or “magical,” adjectives that the company tends to use to describe its products, but right now interest in the device doesn’t seem all that high.

Having said that, which product do you want Apple to launch next? Maybe it is in fact the Apple TV that I just described, or perhaps it’s a brand new device idea altogether? Maybe you’re just playing it low-key and wishing for a nice iPhone, iPad or iPod touch refresh. Whichever way you lean, sound off in the comments.

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