Apple Has Become the Focus of Developers Over the Past Decade

At the turn of the millenium, the majority of software developers were focusing on Microsoft and its Windows platform. Apple and the Mac, on the other hand, were always recognized as the clearcut runner-up in terms of developer focus.

Apple had a problem selling Macs because nobody was developing for the platform, meaning that most apps and games that were designed for Windows were incompatible with the Mac and its new OS X operating system.

But then, the iPod was introduced. The portable music player arguably saved the Apple brand name, putting a tiny Apple logo into millions of people’s pockets and kickstarting the modern day cult of followers that the Cupertino-based corporation has. Over the years, the Mac and OS X made modest improvements, all while Apple was busy releasing the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad and other consumer electronics.

The launch of those popular iOS devices positioned Apple as the world’s most valuable company, a title it still holds today, and attracted a significant crowd of developers for its App Store platform.

And which platform did those developers ditch to come to Apple? Microsoft. It’s kind of an ironic story that details how quickly the tables can turn in the fast-pace, ever-changing tech industry, as Microsoft becomes the one begging for developers to focus on developing for its new Windows Store ecosystem.

According to the Technology Review, Microsoft has went as far as inviting iOS developers to its campus in Mountain View, California to persuade them to port their iPhone and iPad apps to Windows Phone 8 and Windows RT for tablets.

While the Windows Store is emerging, with over 20,000 apps, it’s still a far cry from the 1,000,000 app ecosystem that the App Store for iOS boasts. It’ll be interesting to see how this initiative pans out, but right now it seems that the majority of users either don’t care about Microsoft or are greatly disappointed in the company’s new approach.

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