AT&T vs. Apple: The Ultimate Showdown

The lastest issue of WIRED has an insightful article about the age-old feud between AT&T and Apple.

Essentially, Apple refuses to cripple their device in order to fit bandwidth needs, (and they shouldn’t!) and because of that, AT&T’s network is put under an incredibly heavy load. Of course, there were smartphones before Apple’s, but none allowed users to consume as much data over a wireless network as the iPhone.

Maybe the iPhone could feature a smaller, lower-resolution videostream or cut off YouTube videos after one minute. Rinne, who had already met with Apple’s iPhone team at least half a dozen times, fully expected the company to play along. After all, manufacturers agreed to such restrictions all the time. It didn’t make sense to build phones and offer features that carriers couldn’t support. … “We consistently said ‘No, we are not going to mess up the consumer experience on the iPhone to make your network tenable.’


Who is benefiting from this carrier lock-in?Apple certainly isn’t, they would sell many more iPhones if they were available across every network. Is AT&T? According to their revenue streams, it’s unlikely. Their reputation has also been slung through the mud, causing them to lose existing and potential customers.

AT&T has been the butt of many jokes, but is it really their fault? It’s hard to believe that any network would be able to handle the iPhone without years of preparation.

Hit the source for the full story, it’s definitely worth a read.


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