Construction on Apple’s New Austin Campus Begins

Apple Texas

Apple today broke ground on its new Austin, Texas campus. The campus, slated to be roughly one million square feet in size and occupying more than 39 acres, is an extension to an already-existing location in northern Austin.

The new campus is supposedly slated to be the new headquarters for Apple’s US business operations. Obviously, Apple’s Cupertino campus will continue to be the nerve center for new product development and overall control, but this new extension will help provide more space as Apple’s business continues to expand.

Wired reports the following:

“Apple has pulled three construction permits on the new campus — the most recent one just last week — and has started preliminary work on the site, county and city planners say.

In its development agreement with the city, Apple says that the new facility will be the overflow for Apple’s America operations outside of its Cupertino, California, headquarters. “The company requires an operational center to centralize various functions, such as accounting, human resources and finance,” Apple wrote in a description of the $287 million project, filed with city planners.”

Note that this is not the new “spaceship” campus. Work on that campus has been delayed due to various permitting issues. Instead, this is the campus that Apple was rumored to receive $7.4 million in tax breaks over ten years from Travis County to build.

Apple has continued to expand their various campuses, and it seems as if this will only continue as Apple expands. It’s also worth noting that Austin is quickly turning in to a very tech-savvy town, with various high-tech manufacturers (including Samsung, among various others) opening shop in the Texan capital.


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