Nokia’s Windows RT Tablet Supposedly Debuting in February


Nokia is going to be releasing a Windows RT tablet, according to Digitimes. The tablet should be unveiled in February, placing it after the deluge of news that is certain to pour out of CES in early January.

Nokia’s tablet plans were rumored to be on track for a release coinciding with Microsoft’s initial Windows 8/RT push. However, supposedly because of the Surface RT, Nokia decided to hold the release of its tablet until 2013. Nokia’s tablet was rumored to be a “flagship” device, and something that could go toe-to-toe with the best from Apple, Google, and apparently Microsoft itself.


Now, according to Digitimes (a source infamous for incorrect information from parts suppliers, so take this with a serious grain of salt), Nokia is hoping to release a tablet based on a dual-core Qualcomm Snapdragon chip. The first batch of devices is expected to come in at 200,000 – fairly low, but perhaps the conservative estimate makes sense. Obviously, the tablet will run Windows RT and have access to all compatible applications.

Other information is scarce, though the timeframe suggested puts an announcement squarely around the time that Mobile World Congress will be taking place in Barcelona, Spain. The MWC event is typically used by various companies to introduce new products. Historically, Samsung unveiled the Galaxy S II there, while HTC earlier this year used the venue to launch the One series. It would make sense for Nokia to host a press event an unveil a new tablet.


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