Liquidmetal Shown to Allow Ultra-Stretchy Headphones


Apple’s exclusive deal to license liquid metal, a metal alloy that allows for incredibly light and malleable designs, has been put under intense interest as the Cupertino company continues to expand its mobile product portfolio.

Today, engineering students demoed a prototype of a set of earbuds that make use of the technology. In addition to being incredibly lightweight (but, honestly, weight isn’t a widespread problem for headphones), the prototype model can stretch to incredible lengths. According to the researchers, the liquidmetal cable can stretch to eight times the original length.

The video is certainly worth a watch, though it doesn’t go in to depth about the process. Still, it’s obvious that this liquidmetal technology has various potential applications. So far, Apple has only used the liquidmetal rights in one product: the SIM card ejector tray that ships with every iPhone and 3G/4G-enabled iPad models.

Future designs will hopefully use liquidmetal as the capacity to manufacture it in large quantities increases.

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