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The cliché red gloves stand tall with fist of fury inside. The lights are bright, the ring is set. You look your opponent in the eyes. The crowd is screaming, yelling, cheering, booing. Let’s, yes, let’s get ready to rumble! The fight starts now, and Real Boxing tries to bring this fight to the portable device with stunning graphics.  


We are all familiar with the sport of boxing. Two boxers trade punches and try to take the other out by dodging, countering, and pummeling their opponent. It’s a fight, a tough fight that can last seconds or what would feel like forever. Real Boxing pins the player in the shoes of a boxer where they will train and fight their way to the top.


Fights can last quite a while, the fights will get tense and tougher.

The gameplay starts out a little slower, but quickens in pace as the opponents get tougher and the fights last longer. You must block punches, trade punches, dodge them and do what it takes to win the match. A health meter on the top shows how much is needed before either your opponent or you are knocked to the ground. Then the 10 count starts for you to frantically get up.

Unlike real life, you do know which one of your punches will take down your opponent.

The controls are really natural for the iOS devices and take full advantage of the touch screen. Jabs are done by tapping the screen while a harder punch is done with a swipe towards the center of the screen. Uppercuts are executed by quickly swiping upward. While all the offense is done through swipes, the defense is controlled entirely by two buttons, a block and a dodge. Textual queues also give you hints on when to act, but timing is key.

The controls are quite natural for an iOS game, practice and get your timing right.

As you play, you’ll find that your fighters stats mean a lot. You must train in order to get better. Even the best train hard and long. That said, you can improve your fighter by training. Training sessions can be accessed after so many fights are done.

Training is essential to the game, without it, you’ll inevitably lose.

Equally matched fights can become very hard while an opponent with better skills than yourself, even by 1 will result in you just about losing. There is no difficulty levels in the game, although there should be.

Want to ensure that you don’t end up like this guy? Make sure you’re better than your opponent before you fight!

Gameplay: ★★★★


One of the biggest selling points for this game is the graphics. The Unreal Engine powers the graphics behind the game. The textures used are clear while the lighting effects are intense and strong. A great sense of realism does exhibit itself in the game while your fighting. Blur effects are executed very nicely when you take some hard hits. Vivid Games really took the time to make sure the graphics were indeed vivid. Most of the animations are fluid and feel very real. However, there are some times when you punch someone, the animation just isn’t real or convincing.


The graphics are really beautifully rendered.

Graphics: ★★★★½


Cheesy announcers try to add to the game, but really don’t. The announcing is really the worst part of the game. It seems too generic, and doesn’t call out the fight properly. However, everything else about the audio is great. The crowd’s roar can easily be heard while the grunts of the fighters are strong and pronounced. Punches hit hard with a rumble while missed swings slide right through. The sound effects are great in number. One thing the game also misses out on is a BGM. It’s really nowhere to be found.

Audio: ★★★★


The game does have some depth to it, but could use a little more. You can always fight a CPU opponent of your choosing in a quick fight. This will definitely keep players playing when they need a quick 5 minute boxing match. In addition, multiplayer options are also available to keep players in the fight as well. The game also includes in-game currency that you get for each career fight. It can be used to purchase new customizable as well as upgrade your stats.


Get the green to upgrade your player, plain and simple.

Then comes stability. For the most part, this game is very stable, but every so often it will crash. It’s not recommended for older devices. Additionally, some newer devices may still require a restart in order for the game to run properly which is a downer when you want to do a quick 5 minute fight.

Replay: ★★★★½


This boxing game costs 5 dollars. For what you get, it really isn’t a bad deal. The graphics are absolutely stunning despite some inconsistent animations while the gameplay really does seem solid. There is enough replay to get you to keep playing. The only reason not to buy this is… Well, there are 2: if you don’t like fighting games, or if you have an older device.

Value: ★★★★½

Final Thoughts

I originally downloaded this game because of the graphics I saw. I was never into boxing games, but I have to admit myself, this game is a lot of fun. The controls are natural to the touch while the gameplay pulls you straight into the fight. You share the fighter’s frustration and the graphics work well to recreate the ailments the fighter may experience in fight. It’s not a 100% simulator, but Real Boxing is a lot of fun.

Overall Score


Real Boxing

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