Opinion: Android Did Well in 2012

Nearly 1.5 million devices running Android are activated each day, which in one year amounts to about 550 million devices. China leads this staggering adoption rate, accounting for 33 percent of all activated Android devices in the world. In comparison, the United States accounts for about 13 percent.

Android is almost always considered an abstract system, although most reviewers conclude that Jelly Bean is a breath of fresh air for Android. Jelly Bean is stable, fast, reliable, incredibly customizable, and it has a touch of elegance to its overall feel and operation. Android has finally reached the point where it is a desirable and decent mobile operating system.

iOS is also a fantastic platform, but the user interface has seen little change since its introduction on June 29, 2007. iOS is becoming stale and its interface needs something new. iOS is as equally functional as Android, but there is nothing explicitly special about its user interface. iOS is basically the same as it used to be five years ago.

Android devices have become cheaper, are more reliable, and offer build quality that is steadily improving.  And with even an iPod touch costing more than the average Android tablet, it is no wonder that iOS is becoming less desirable.

Android is fighting back strong, and 2012 has been a superb year for the platform. How well do you think Android has done this year?

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