Brazilian Company Announces the IPHONE

An electronics maker out of Brazil announced today their new line of Android devices, being named the “IPHONE.” MacRumors reports that IGB Electronica SA originally applied for the trademark in 2000, and that the first model of the phone will reportedly be the “Neo One.”

A similar encounter happened earlier this year when Chinese company “Proview”  surrendered the “iPad” trademark for a pretty penny — some $60 million American dollars. Notably, however, Proview International actually came stateside and asked the California Superior Court to impede Apple from using the “iPad” trademark. Whether or not the Brazilian company will take similar action is yet to be seen.

What Apple will decide to do is unclear at this point, but chances are they will end up reaching a deal similar to that which was made in China, possibly for a smaller dollar amount. There is no doubt, however, that Apple will indeed do something, as the Infinite Loop CEO has said that “Brazil is the next country… [that Apple plans to become more involved in]”

[Reuters via MacRumors]

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