Tim Cook Among Time Magazine’s Person of the Year Finalists


Time Magazine‘s finalists for their prestigious Person of the Year award, and Tim Cook is amongst the finalists. Apple’s CEO is named for his contributions towards making Apple’s manufacturing processes more transparent, as well as by helping to shift jobs away from supposed sweatshops over seas and improving working conditions across the board.

Cook replaced Steve Jobs during the summer of last year after Jobs resigned, and has since made several changes to the Cupertino company. These changes actually have turned Apple from what many considered a machine responsible for some of the best products made in to a slightly more human corporation. Cook, after being named CEO, quickly instituted a policy in which Apple will match the donation of any employee to any charity.

Similar changes have been made, though many are quick to point to the recent debacles that Apple has experienced. Such issues as iCloud outages and iOS 6′s maps.app being underwhelming have marred Apple’s track record under Tim Cook. In his defense, he has made sweeping changes to Apple’s executive ranks in order to cope with the issue.

Yahoo’s new CEO, Marissa Mayer, was also named as a finalist. Cook and Mayer round out the list of tech CEOs, and finish up a list filled with celebrities, dignitaries, and politicians.


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