Siri, Open My Garage Door

Now that the novelty of Siri has wore off since the featured debuted on the iPhone 4S last year, interesting tips, tricks and enhancements surrounding the voice assistant service have slowed down considerably.

But, one enthusiast has done something cool with Siri again, coupling it with the ultra-tiny Raspberry Pi computer to have his garage door automatically open upon voice request.

While it can be argued that it would be quicker to simply press the garage door button, the whole point of this video is to show that SiriProxy — on the Raspberry Pi, in this instance — can do some interesting things. You can watch the video below and head over to the Raspberry Pi discussion forums for a fairly technical explanation of how the user DarkTherapy managed to pull this off.

Have you ever done anything interesting with Siri?

[Raspberry Pi via Hack a Day via TUAW via iDB]

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