YouTube Unveils ‘YouTube Capture’ iOS App

YouTube’s main competitor, Vimeo, has long had the ability to easily record and upload videos from within the app. Today, YouTube has released their own tool for creating videos, and it actually has some pretty cool features.

Life moves fast. To speed up recording, enhancing and sharing videos with your friends or the whole world, you can now use the YouTube Capture app on your iPhone or iPod touch.

Previously, you had to upload videos through the YouTube upload feature in the native Photos app, but YouTube has today streamlined that process, allowing you to capture those quick moments with a dedicated application.

The app first asks you to login to your Google account, and walks you through the initial setup. It also features the ability to upload videos that are already in your camera roll, and can share your uploads to social sites just like the YouTube desktop website.

Thankfully (and finally!), the app doesn’t let you record videos in portrait mode. YouTube has long been plagued with countless videos that were uploaded in portrait, making them appear thin and almost impossible to watch in browser. This friendly reminder will hopefully push people to record their videos properly for YouTube.

Extra settings that are included are a flash toggle for recording, the ability to actually turn off the landscape lock, and easy access to quality settings.

The ability to upload your pre-recorded videos from within is still available — and interestingly, it uses the old YouTube icon — but this new app seems to want to be the ‘Instagram’ of video (of course, sans built in social features. That’s YouTube itself). We’ll see how that goes.

The app is available now for free on the App store.

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