Apple’s Stock Hits Lowest Price Since February


As the year of 2012 is finishing up, Apple’s stock price has seen some difficult times. While Apple has remained the world’s largest publicly-held corporation, the stock price has been falling since September. Today, for the first time since February of this year, it fell below $500. However, the price had crossed the $500 mark by closing.

Apple’s stock price has been sliding since September, though there isn’t a particular reason that this is happening. Analysts first thought that Apple’s iPhone 5 would underwhelm in sales, though that has proven not to be the case with the device being the best-selling smartphone in nearly every market that it has entered.

Analysts, in their infinite wisdom, then pointed to the iPad mini, believing it to be underwhelming and unable to compete in the market. The iPad mini has since been one of the hottest Holiday gift items available. While other tablets of similar form factors are worth looking in to, none offer the software library that the iPad mini does.

At this point, it’s unclear why Apple’s stock price is falling. They are on track to post their best results for a quarter ever, with strong sales across all product lines. Comparing their P/E (price to earnings) ratio with other companies, Apple is actually undervalued. This mystery fall does offer a good time to purchase Apple’s stock at a lower price, and turn a profit when/if it goes back up. Given Apple’s track record, it seems likely that the stock price will make a triumphant return to the $700 range.

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