Fry’s Offers the iPhone 5 for $126

iphone5fryischeapWe reported on Friday that Wal-Mart had sliced the price of the iPhone 5 to $127 under contract. Today, American electronics outlet Fry’s has attempted to one-up the Arkansas company, offering the latest iPhone for just $126.

Let’s be honest. This is essentially no different than Wal-Mart’s offerings, but it is a humorous attempt to get people in the door. On the plus side, you now have at least two places to get the iPhone 5 on the cheap.

Fry’s is also offering the 32 and 64 GB models at $226 and $336, respectively. There was no mention of that being the case at Wal-Mart, so make sure to head to Fry’s if you’re looking for one of the larger capacity models.

Why do you think the iPhone 5 is being offered at such low prices?




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