The Impact of Google Maps on iOS 6 Uptake

The Impact of Google Maps on iOS 6 Uptake

2012-12-17 14_44_08-Clear for iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPod touch (3rd generation)Since we launched Clear v1.2, we’ve seen plenty of people tell us that the removal of Google Maps from iOS was the reason they weren’t upgrading to iOS 6, which this version of Clear requires. As a result, I was particularly keen to see what effect a Google Maps app for iPhone would have on the number of people updating Clear – and last week I got a chance to see this in action!

Many apps — including Clear — have had problems lately, due to the fact that iOS 6 removed native Google Maps. These apps — which require iOS 6, due to needs for newer APIs such as iCloud integration — have seen lowered adoption numbers for their latest versions, simply because a number of people refused to lose Google Maps with an upgrade.

The release of Google Maps on iOS last week, though, brought a noticeable uptick in adoption rates, shown by Realmac Software and their To-do app Clear. Apparently, enough people finally took the plunge and updated to iOS 6 with the release of Google Maps, allowing them to update apps that required the latest version.

And apparently, if we’re seeing the effects in a to-do app’s upgrade numbers, there must have been a lot of people holding out for Google Maps.


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