Flashback: Original iPhone Unveiling

This one’s to spice up a fairly boring news day, and to give you the warm fuzzy feelings you get looking back into the days of a $599.00 iPhone with 4GB of memory, and only usable with EDGE.

One of the stranger things, looking back, is that Google CEO Eric Schmidt was present. As most of you know, Google is behind another popular smartphone OS, Android.

It’s even more interesting seeing the iPhone without the App Store (or iBooks, or the mobile iTunes Store, for that matter). In one of the demos, Jobs simulates what you would do to see a movie. Instead of hitting the App Store and downloading an app, he opens up Safari. And goes to Fandango.com. Imagine that. Quite literally, a time when Cydia or Installer didn’t exist; much less the App Store.

Apple keeps their keynotes on iTunes, which is available here; the iPhone unveiling is the last choice, the date being 1/9/07. If you enjoy being sentimental, need a good laugh (because it’s pretty entertaining; see the above picture), or just want to learn, check out the links below!


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