Getodo: A Must-Have To-Do App For iPhone, Free For a Limited Time

You may have noticed that organizational and to-do apps make up a competitive niche on the App Store, but Getodo stands out as one of the definite winners. I recently downloaded the app while the developer is giving it away for free as part of a limited time promotion, and was immediately pleased with the clean, simplistic user interface that an app of this nature should deliver.

Thankfully, and to my benefit as a self-proclaimed procrastinator, Getodo lets you organize and break down the tasks you need to get done into sub-tasks. You can neatly color code your tasks and sub-tasks based on their priority level or your personal preference, and you can even set an alarm for a certain day and time to remind yourself or others about the task.

To view the sub-tasks that are part of a larger task, simply double tap near the right of the task. A drop down list of sub-tasks will then appear, and you can add new ones by tapping the plus button in the bottom menu. Better yet, Getodo has an innovative sharing option that lets you send tasks to friends, coworkers or other acquaintances you have, simply by including “@Joe” or “@Rachel” or whichever name at the start of the task.


Getodo has numerous different multitasking gestures that are very useful. Swiping to the left allows you to delete a task with ease, while swiping to the right marks the task as completed. Tapping and holding a task allows you to move it above or below other tasks, which is great for prioritizing what you need to get done. Best of all, you can sign up for a Getodo account to sync with the cloud and access your tasks on the web.

With its simplistic design and unique sharing and sub-task features, Getodo is a very good choice over more popular to do apps for iOS devices. Getodo is available on the App Store as a free download for a limited time, and already includes support for the new iPhone 5 and fifth-generation iPod touch devices. If you download the app, let us know what you think of it in the comments.

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