The Story Behind the White iPhone 4′s Manufacturing Woes

The exact manufacturing difficulties Apple is facing over the white iPhone 4 have been revealed by 21st Century Business Herald, a Chinese newspaper. The meat of the story is that in order for the glass to be “Apple White”, there needs to be an exact ratio of opacity to paint thickness which has yet to be found.

The source says that Lens Technology, the company manufacturing the glass, it only able to meet half of Apple’s demand. Apple is still planning to ship the white iPhone 4 by the end of the month in limited quantities, but it is unknown when Lens Technology will start producing at 100 percent.

Engadget pointed out that there was no mention of Corning, the manufacturer of Gorilla Glass, in the report. Though Apple has never actually confirmed that Gorilla Glass is actually used in the iPhone 4, only that a similar process of glass-hardening is applied.

[21st Century Business Herald]

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