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The Modern Combat series has always been the closest that iOS has gotten to a true first person shooter. With each iteration of the game, we have seen gradual improvements, better graphics, and enhanced gameplay. Modern Combat remains one of the well-polished shooters on the App Store, their 4th iteration goes a little further to try to improve upon the 3rd.  


Modern Combat 4 follows a twisted story line. Instead of seeing a single-sided story, you are put through both sides. You play as both a US soldier as well as the head of the terrorist organization. You obtain both worldviews in this case and the story is handed to you through different angles at different times.

The gameplay is very action packed. The majority of the time, you will be on foot using a variety of weapons. You start each mission with an ample amount of ammo. Accuracy and efficiency become important to ensure you don’t run out. An iron sight is provided to allow for a more accurate shot.

Efficiency and accuracy does come in and play a role at times, especially when you run low on ammo.

MC4 also does have other modes of control where the user takes control of a drone equipped with a strong chain gun. The gun itself can overheat, but rarely does so. It can also make Swiss cheese out of anyone standing around. The vehicle moves without user interaction though, so it can prove a challenge. In these parts of missions the enemy is highlighted in red while allies are in green. There are times when a person will be highlighted in yellow, don’t shoot at them.

This chain gun is very strong and will unleash hell on the enemy.

Controls remain the classic Gameloft style controlling. Gameloft does offer use of the Gyroscope for controls, but aren’t set by default. The controls still don’t stand to be the best, but do work. On-screen buttons and a joy stick allow you to move around and do actions while swiping anywhere else on the screen allows you to aim.

The classic controls are the default in MC4.

The game offers a partial cover system that is a small upgrade from the previous one, but not a solution. Like the previous iterations, ducking and standing are all incorporated well into the game. Now, when you aim from behind a barrier, you will go out of cover to aim your weapon and fire. This creates a partial cover system, but it’s still not perfect.

Regardless, Gameloft still keeps this game very action packed with good depth. It’s sure to bring a good few hours of gameplay with the campaign. No other offline modes are given however.

Gameplay: ★★★★½


This is a huge part of the game. MC4 shows improvements to the graphics as a whole. The environment around you becomes more detailed and natural to the eye as a whole. Detailing and clarity of scenery are all instilled in a beautiful fashion. The lighting effects mix with the closer-to-real graphics to really immerse the gamer

The graphics are really brought to light in the new Modern Combat 4.

Gaussian blurs are put into effect to create a sense of focus and depth. Effects from flash bangs are strong and temporarily effective. Whether it’s the blur, or the readjusting white balance, the graphical effects can make a difference.

The additional effects added to the game look really nice.

Graphics: ★★★★


Audio effects is an area Gameloft has never skimped on. Modern Combat 4 is no exception to this. The sound effects are massive in number with good quality. With the right pair of headphones, placement and location of every shot is possible. The entire game is voiced over in a more natural tone. The audio in the game does a great job of tying the gameplay and graphics together.

Audio: ★★★★


Gameloft does offer some achievements in the game, and this can keep someone busy after the game has ended, but probably won’t. 3 difficulties are given as well, but really, it’s no real replay. There are no hidden levels; online gameplay is where the majority of the replay will come from. Although it’s ample for most, some may still want something to fight while offline. For that, something that is missing from this game is the ability to scrimmage against bots.

Online play will be the main source of gameplay.

Replay: ★★★★½


Like all Gameloft games, Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour costs around 7 dollars total. For the money you spend, you do get an almost-complete gameplay. There is actually plenty of depth to MC4 along with stunning graphics. The game plays very well and will keep anyone busy for hours. Are there things that Gameloft can improve on? Yes. Is it still worth a buy? Yes.

There are 12 missions in total, they should be able to keep you busy for at least a few hours.

Value: ★★★★½

Final Thoughts

Gameloft came in with the mission to improve upon MC3. In some instances, they did. The gameplay’s depth has increased a bit. It plays a little smoother (however I played MC3 on the 4G) as well. Graphics saw some improvement as well. There is more Gameloft can add to Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour, but it’s still a pretty complete game.

Overall Score
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