A Breakdown of Android on iDevices

The iDroid project aims to allow Android to be installed on a few of Apple’s devices that support Openiboot, a collection of drivers that allow the Linux kernel to be run on Apple hardware. It can be found here.

Supported Devices

You can install Android on the following iOS devices on firmware 3.1.2 ONLY:

  • 1st Generation iPod touch
  • 1st Generation iPhone
  • iPhone 3G (and on firmware 4.0)

You cannot install Android on the following iOS devices:

  • 1st Generation iPad
  • 2nd Generation iPod touch (neither MB nor MC devices)
  • 3rd Generation iPod touch
  • iPhone 3GS
  • iPhone 4

[Thanks spoonforknife]

What Works

Depending on the Android version and which build you are using, a variety of things may not work properly. It is best to follow the developer and read the thread comments to troubleshoot any problems you may have. A full spreadsheet of what works on each device can be found at the iDroidWiki.


First generation iPhone (2G)

Mac users can use iPhodroid, which automates the process and only takes a few minutes and has no complicated commands.

You can also do a manual install with the tutorial found here.

iPhone 3G

Using a Ubuntu Linux Virtual Machine (Video tutorial)

Froyo can also be installed with various iDroid builds. Cooldeud59 has summarized them here.

iPhodroid also works for the 3g. (Mac only)

First generation iPod Touch

Using a Ubuntu Linux Virtual Machine, tutorial by MBFtrace.

Froyo: Early beta, extremely buggy, not much works.

iDroid: Sense widgets, GPU, WiFi, and many other features work. Installation tutorial can be found here.

If you’re looking for an automated utility to install Android on your device, check out the iDroid forums for the latest tools and releases.

Thanks to everyone in the Android on iPhone forum for the great job, including MBFtrace, djmitza222, Shadowriver, Ryan, cooldued59, and anyone else who I’ve forgotten!

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