Dropbox Reduces Gradients, Refines iOS App Photo Experience


Well-liked cloud storage service Dropbox has today released an update for their line of iOS applications. Among the enhancements in today’s update are a shiny new design, a new photos tab, and the ability to upload directly to a folder.

The new photos tab view allows you to “scroll through a timeline of all the photos you’ve automatically uploaded,” as well as view your photos in full screen and scroll through photos faster than before.

Uploading using the Dropbox app used to be difficult and done through an “uploads” tab, but the process has now been streamlined. A new “+” icon allows you to create folders and upload directly to any current directory.

Finally, Dropbox has upgraded the overall look of the app to appear more modern. Gone are the days of the gradient light-blue logo. The new design features deep, bold colors that are much more visually appealing and make the entire app look just a bit more simplistic.

The app is available now on the App store.

[Dropbox Blog]

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