How Did Apple Fare in 2012?

This year was certainly an interesting twelve months for Apple, as the Cupertino-based corporation remained the world’s most valuable company despite a number of ups and downs. Last March, at the third-generation iPad event, Apple CEO Tim Cook promised that 2012 would be a year full of innovation and that there was a lot to look forward to.

In hindsight, we know that Apple launched a number of new products and services this year. Following the third-generation iPad launch, Apple took the stage at WWDC 2012 in June to announce its next-generation MacBook Air and MacBook Pro lineups, including the flagship MacBook Pro with Retina display. Then, in the summer, OS X Mountain Lion was released for Mac.

Apple proceeded to have quite a busy Fall season, with two separate special events. In late September, the iPhone 5 was released alongside the fifth-generation iPod touch and seventh-generation iPod nano. September also saw the release of the iOS 6 software update for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. A month later, in October, Apple released the rumored iPad mini and fourth-generation iPad.

But, to much surprise, Apple then unveiled its brand new lineup of ultra-thin iMacs alongside refreshed Mac Minis and the 13-inch MacBook Pro with Retina display. Tim Cook concluded that special event in October by noting that Apple had fulfilled its promise of making 2012 an innovative year, which I still agree with wholeheartedly. Despite some recent stumbles, I’m excited about Apple heading into 2013.


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  1. Since Apple has lost almost a third of it’s value financially over the last six weeks, I feel like Apple has jammed a sharp stick in my left eye and doesn’t seem to much care. Well, I care. If this is just tax selling because folks are panicked about their cap. Gains rates going up next year then have fun you selfish bastards. If it’s something else, then if Apple recoups some of it’s multi-billion dollar broken leg, I’m out…

    • I agree with your comment regarding Apple’s senior management not giving a damn about their loyal customer who are also stockholders! Based on the NBC interview with Apple’ head nerd I guess we can’t expect any sympathy!

  2. Apple hit a home run this year again in my view. As far as you who feel let down by the recent profit taking we have seen among Apple investors, now is the time to buy in again. Apple’s 2013 revenue streams are even more healthy now than they were a year ago so we very likely will see the stock build back up and pass the September high in 2013. My humble opinion only.

  3. Since the Big A has released almost everything in its product lines as new stuff in 2012, I just wonder what new items will come out next year… Maybe the rumored Apple TV set that has been talked about?

    But despite whatever fall or hits the AAPL share price took, this year, their product demand (at least in Malaysia) has been strong, in the face of competition from Android phones, especially Samsung… For instance, the WiFi-only iPad mini was released here around a week back and when I asked around some of the local Apple Resellers (wanted to get one for the wife), none of them have stock available… And we in Malaysia will only get the 3G version next month, so looks like another wait for new batches to come in!

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