Apple’s New System Status Page Is Something Worth Bookmarking


As Apple increasingly expands in to the internet to compete with Google and Microsoft, the Cupertino has experienced intense growing pains. And while iCloud and Apple’s other current initiatives are far superior to past products such as MobileMe, they haven’t been without their growing pains.

Apple’s pain points include iMessage, which is routinely down. Gamecenter also was recently in negatively in the spotlight for crashing after the release of Letterpress, a popular and well-designed game that made use of Apple gaming network. Various other services have also crashed, and have left their respective scars on Apple’s typical shiny reputation.

Part of the issue is that Apple wasn’t transparent with the status of their services. While all online services go down from time to time, most internet juggernauts are incredibly transparent with how they handle notifying customers of their systems’ statuses.

Apple has caught up with its new status page. The page offers some seriously in-depth information in to how Apple’s online ventures are functioning, and also offers the ability to look back in time to see when outages did occur. It’s a useful tool, and relatively bold: users will now be notified instantly of when the outages occur, which puts Apple’s efforts front and center.


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