Dell Hits the Eject Button on Their Smartphone Business

dell venue pro

Dell, a company more known for their Windows PCs than for their smartphones, will be leaving the smartphone market completely. This comes after their products have failed to catch on, and to compete with the likes of Samsung and HTC, not to mention Apple, in any meaningful way.

Earlier this year, Dell stopped producing and selling smartphones that would be sold in the US. It did, however, continue trying to make a dent in the Chinese market. Now even those efforts have come to a halt, and the company has no plans to restart them:

However, Jeff Clarke, the head of Dell’s consumer business, confirmed yesterday at the Dell World conference, that there’s no way they’ll jump back into the ring anytime soon. “It needs a lot of investments to really be successful,” told me Clarke. [sic]

Dell has actually been a player in the handheld business for years, though it was never dominant. Some of their first efforts revolved around PDAs and Windows Mobile: the Dell Axiom series was arguably the best non-Palm PDAs. As smartphones caught on, though, Dell faltered and never recovered. With Windows Phone’s introduction, Dell tried to make a comeback with the Venue Pro, which featured a sliding QWERTY keyboard and large screen. The device was ambitious, but ultimately failed because of low stock and limited availability.

Dell also dabbled with Android, though never released a product that truly competed with market leaders such as Samsung or HTC. Dell’s fortunes have also changed in the PC world, where they are quickly meeting rough times and being forced to increasingly move to enterprise customers.

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