Mailbox for iPhone Looks to be a Powerful Replacement for


Email has long been a divisive issue for iOS users. While Apple’s stock is actually one of the best general purpose email clients available for a mobile platform, it doesn’t cater to power users in many ways. Power users tend to want features to help manage email more efficiently, and while Apple’s is certainly simple, it lacks many features that are considered to be standard in power user circles.

Before Sparrow was acquired by Google, the inventive email client filled the gap left by Apple’s stock mailing app quite well. The design was great, the app was smooth, and it integrated with Gmail (the preferred service for email wizards) in a fantastic way. However, after Sparrow was purchased by Google, it seemed as if there would cease to be a good third-party mail app available. While Sparrow actually is still available, it isn’t being actively developed.

Google ended up releasing its own app, which was very poor in the first few incarnations. However, the app was just recently updated with a complete redesign and various new features. The app, while far ahead of its predecessor in terms of design, stability, and smoothness, still wasn’t quite up to par with what Sparrow had once been.

Mailbox, which was today exclusively revealed by The Verge, looks to be worth noting. The app supposedly combines the simplicity and UI of Clear, a popular task-manager for iPhone that was famous for removing UI cruft in order to reduce complexity, and the power of Sparrow, with the stability of Gmail Рquite the combination. Judging from early hands-ons of the app, it seems as if the developers have achieved their goal.

Mailbox will be available in “the New Year.” Obviously, a vague timeframe, though it seems more likely that this app will make an appearance closer to the first of the year than towards the end.

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