Square Off: Google Maps or Apple Maps?


Late yesterday we reported about the surprise release of Google Maps for iOS. Apple’s own crowd-sourced maps application was released with iOS 6 and replaced Google’s maps — the reliable, trusted alternative. After much speculation regarding if Google would release their own maps application, and further if Apple would approve it, the app is availablenow available on the App store. However, Apple maps — although it will undoubtedly remain on your home screen, whether you like it or not — did introduce features that Google’s offerings never had.

Which of the two options do you prefer? Do you like the overall reliability of Google’s maps? Or do you like to have the ability to soar over certain major world cities in Flyover? Feel free to read our “closer look” if you need help making up your mind.

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  1. Thought I would go back to the Google Map app. But tonight i found asking Siri for directions, just too easy. I’ll keep both and dump some of the other maps I collected but using Siri will make apple my go to map

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