Google Won’t Make Apps For Windows 8 or Windows Phone Because Nobody is Using Those Platforms

Ouch, this one has to hurt for Microsoft. Google Apps product manager director Clay Bavor, speaking with British tech blog V3, claims that Google has no interest in developing native Gmail or Google Drive apps for Windows Phone or Windows 8 due to a lack of interest in those platforms from users.

“We have no plans to build out Windows apps. We are very careful about where we invest and will go where the users are but they are not on Windows Phone or Windows 8,” he said.

As the tech landscape continues to shift to the mobile space, Bavor adds that Google will continue to work on improving its mobile experience, particularly on the Android and iOS platforms. Google is off to a great start in that respect, with its beautiful Google Maps app for iPhone on the App Store.

“In 2012 we’ve laid some of the ground work and really improved the experience of our core apps on mobile devices, such as adding native editing of spreadsheets for both iOS and Android apps,” Bavor said.

“We really see these as the first versions of our mobile experience, though, so we will continue to make big investments in mobile in 2013 with the goal of having beautiful mobile apps.”

As echoed by BGR, this situation means that perhaps the Windows platform is not a priority in terms of development anymore. Microsoft was several years late in offering a true smartphone experience with Windows Phone, while it again entered the game late with its Surface tablet. 

While it appears that Microsoft has been working tirelessly to stay competitive in the mobile space, the Redmond-based company still has a lot of work to do. For starters, it might have to go back to the drawing board with its Surface tablet, which, according to multiple sources, experienced poor sales during much of the holiday shopping season.

Windows Phone device sales fared better during this holiday shopping season — four million were sold, according to early estimates — so there is reason for Microsoft to remain optimistic about its mobile efforts. If the company can convince developers that its Windows Store ecosystem is worth developing for, Microsoft could viable in terms of mobile.

And if Microsoft does become a real player, Google says it “would invest there, of course.”

[V3 via Slashgear via BGR]

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  1. I have to agree that the Windows phone market is very small compared to Android and iOS platforms and most developers don’t want to waste time and potential lost revenue in creating apps for such a small market.

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