Yahoo Updates Flickr for iPhone


Yahoo today updated its Flickr app for the iPhone. Yahoo, now under the control of Marissa Meyer, a former Googler, yesterday revamped their email experience across the web and mobile with a fresh design. This redesign has moved to Flickr. The new app looks as if it was inspired by Instagram, but also contains a few bits of flair that distinguishes it from the Facebook-owned social network.

The previous Flickr app was slow and ugly. It looked like an app that was created as fast as possible, and then left alone: Yahoo, before Meyer took over, was focusing on the content and media side of its online empire, and let the social side crumble. Eventually, Instagram replaced Flickr as the de facto photo-centric social network.

Meyer seems to want this to change: the new Flickr is everything that the old app wasn’t, and more. Included in the update are various filters, as well as what appears to be a focus on the social side of Flickr, and an easier, Facebook-based sign-in system.

Flickr has been for years one of the premier photo-sharing websites. It’s strength wasn’t necessarily in its numbers, but in its quality: almost all photographers have, at one point or another, used Flickr and its simple┬áinterface to share their work. Other sites have come along, and many have taken some of Flickr’s marketshare, but it hasn’t yet been replaced. The extension to becoming a higher-end version of Instagram seems obvious. Flickr is already profitable, as the company offers a “Pro” account which gives users unlimited uploads, as well as other perks. As Instagram is “monetized,” this advantage could come in to play.

Flickr for iPhone is definitely worth a look, and is available in the App Store now.


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